>The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard is a Corporate Performance Management tool which enables the identification, reporting, and management of performance across four organizational dimensions: Financial, Customer, Internal, and Learning & Growth. Identification, reporting, and management of performance across these areas is achieved through the Cause-Effect relationships that exist between corporate objectives across these dimensions. This ensures that the underlying causes of poor performance can be quickly detected and rectified.

Course Outlines

  • Designing the Balanced Scorecard
    • Defining the Vision and Mission
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Setting Strategic Goals
    • Organizational Balance and the 4 Perspectives
    • Public and Private Sector Considerations
  • Developing the Balanced Scorecard
    • Strategic Financial Planning
    • The Customer Value Proposition
    • Managing the Value Chain
    • Structure and Systems
    • Organizational Development
    • People and Knowledge Management
    • Developing Strategic Objectives
    • Cause-Effect Analysis
  • Implementing the Balanced Scorecard
    • Developing Measures and KPIs
    • Aligning Operational Metrics
    • Performance Monitoring, Reporting and Action
    • Business Intelligence Systems
    • Cascading the Balanced Scorecard

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