>Strategy Management

Our Strategy Management training and consultancy services centre on three key areas: strategy development, strategy execution and strategy monitoring and evolution. We help clients to learn how to articulate their corporate strategy in a way that maximises their unique position in their respective industries. More importantly, we train and support clients in how to implement their corporate strategy effectively whilst ensuring the strategy is fit for purpose and constantly adapted to maximise industry or market opportunities.

Course Outlines

  • Strategy Analysis
    • Vision/Mission Setting
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Strategy Analysis
    • Industry (5-Forces) Analysis
    • CVP (Customer Value Proposition) Analysis
    • Value Chain Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
    • Scenario Planning
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Planning
  • Strategy Development
    • Goals and Objective Setting
    • Strategic Decision-Making
    • Strategy Mapping
    • Defining the Value Gap
  • Strategy Execution
    • Strategy alignment
    • Strategy Cascade
    • Executing Strategy through Initiatives
    • Linking Strategy to Operations
  • Strategy Governance
    • Office of Strategy Management
    • Strategy Governance
    • Corporate Performance Monitoring
    • Strategy Review and Update

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