Strong Leadership skills are necessary to manage all aspects of an organisation’s strategic growth successfully. Here, our focus is on developing leadership skills and awareness among senior management in guiding all areas of strategy, human resource, and change management. Different leadership styles and approaches are reviewed and analysed, as are methods for achieving leadership cohesion and consensus within a robust and objective decision-making framework.

Course Outlines

  • Effective Leadership
    • Leaders – Born or bred?
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Leadership versus Management
    • Motivating People
    • Culture of Leadership
  • Leadership in Practice
    • Strategic thinking
    • Identify the challenge
    • Inspire change
    • Encourage problem ownership
    • The 5 levels and 7 transformations of Leadership
  • Leadership Qualities
    • Instilling Confidence
    • ‘ESP’ (Extra Sensory Perception)
    • Paradox Management
    • Standing against the tide
    • Practice tough empathy

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