>Change Management

The Change Management course and consultancy program teaches and skills clients in understanding key change phases of their organizations’ growth, with a view to unblocking major resistors and managing that change in a structured way over a defined strategic timeline. Understanding and effective management of the different dynamics of each phase in an organization’s long-term development is critical to its survival. For example, this knowledge will guide the types of skills required of employees during each phase, and the corporate strategic priorities that need to be focused on throughout the organization to enable proper allocation of human, financial and other material resources.

Course Outlines

  • Planning for Change
    • Strategy
    • Change Readiness
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Commitment Assessment (Leadership, Workforce)
    • The 7 ‘C’s of Change
  • Effecting Change
    • Developing a Change Agenda
    • Communications
    • Structure and Systems
    • Portfolio, Program, Project Management
    • Corporate Transition Plan
    • Organization Development
    • HR Management of Change
  • Sustaining Change
    • Dealing with Resistance and Reaction
    • Change Integration
    • Rewards and Measures
    • Continuous Incremental Change
    • Coping and Adapting to Change
    • Change Agents

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