Stratex One Marketing Services is aimed at providing market research, business development, client management, supplier sourcing and management, advertising, legal and regulatory services for companies wishing to grow existing businesses, develop new ones or enter new markets. Each one of these services are summarized below:

1. Market Research

Strategy Development

We work with our clients to translate corporate strategy into a marketing strategy. We evaluate clients’ chosen markets, competitors, buyers and suppliers and use this information as a basis to develop Pricing, Product, Promotion, and Location sub-strategies. In addition, we develop Customer Value Proposition, Segmentation, Relationship Management and Brand sub-strategies.

Market Analysis

We produce key competitor reports comprising key sales, financials, products/services, primary activities and active markets. We compile information and produce analysis on buyers and their buying habits and buying power. We provide similar information and analysis on suppliers, products, services and substitutes.

2. Business Development

Through industry and other events, we source leads for clients and bring customers and suppliers together. We coordinate and manage events on behalf of our clients and we run product/service roadshows.

3. Customer Relationship Management

On behalf of service providers, we help manage customer relationships in terms of service delivery, customer feedback and embedding of services and development of additional opportunities within the customer environment.

4. Supplier/Project Management

We oversee and manage client projects with suppliers to ensure requirements are met and supplier services and successfully delivered. To achieve this, we work with clients to ensure their requirements are well developed. We run tendering and supplier selection processes for clients to ensure the right suppliers are selected to deliver services that meet client requirements.

5. Advertising

We manage advertising programs (television, print and online). This includes managing content development through appropriate media agencies and development of social media channels.

6. Legal and Regulatory

We provide legal and regulatory information that is necessary to operate in chosen markets.

7. New country marketing services

We provide all of the above services for companies wishing to enter new country markets. In fact, this arm of our organization was developed as a result of demand from clients wanting to enter a new country market. For example, due to the recent adverse global economic climate, many companies are looking towards Africa to sell their services. However, this being new territory for them, they are requesting our services to help lead them into the region.