Systems consultancy

Underpinning the Business Performance Management (BPM) service offering is a set of systems services. Automation is key to establishing a robust BPM model, particularly for corporate-wide implementations. Services range from tailored off-the-shelf BPM system packages to bespoke solutions.

Strategy Management Systems (SMS)

SMS differ from other types of executive information systems in that they are typically not ‘bolted’ onto existing operational systems. Instead, strategic measures, targets and initiatives are managed and reported separately, at all levels of the organisation. Generally, such systems can be implemented very quickly within relatively short time frames.

Business Intelligence (BI)

In contrast, BI relies on your organisation’s operational systems as data sources. They are usually fully integrated into these source systems through regular uploads of data into a data warehouse within the BI. Using pre-defined business rules, data in the data warehouse is aggregated into high level summary information to reflect business performance. Focus is on using multi-dimensional software technology, OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing), to harmonise and analyse the different dimensions (sales, operations, financials, HR) of your business. Again, off-the-shelf system packages can be tailored to your needs or bespoke BI applications developed.

Development and Consultancy

In addition to the range of change management skills above, systems development and consultancy skills are also offered. These range from:

                Health checks on existing SMS or BI systems

                End-to-end bespoke developments

                Tailored off-the-shelf package solutions