Operations management

In support of the Operational perspective of the Balanced Scorecard framework, the following Operations Management services are offered in conjunction with a strategy implementation programme. Please note that they are also offered, on a discrete Business-As-Usual basis, if so desired.

Programme/Project Management

Programme and Project Management is a core skillset applied to managing the overall change programme, or in managing individual projects forming part of the programme.

Operations-management-componentsRisk Analysis

Understanding risks present in change is essential to being able to mitigate them. In line with assessments and analysis of the business, risks which could adversely impact the change programme would be identified and necessary contingency plans developed.

Controls Audit

This entails mapping key processes to identify weak control points and recommending improved courses of action. Detailed procedures of all processes affected will also be developed (if previously non-existent) or enhanced (if already available).

Process Analysis

Process mapping offers the ability to analyse the adequacy of processes in meeting new operational requirements. The detail of the process maps provided enable thorough analysis and a strong basis for process re-engineering where necessary.

Cost Analysis

The aim here is to increase cost transparency by providing detailed activity-based cost analysis of internal services provided within your organisation. Through this analysis, it should be possible to highlight areas where cost efficiency and effectiveness can be maximised, and help effect necessary operational changes

Quality Reviews

Establishing continual quality review cycles, to improve product or process quality is key. This starts by assessing existing weaknesses, identifying areas for improvement and implementing steps to achieve them, using a robust methodology. Success is measured by comparing output of each review cycle.