Business performance management

Successful strategy implementation is difficult to achieve without an effective supporting performance management framework. At the heart of this service is the Balanced Scorecard framework which measures progress towards achievement of targets across four business perspectives: Financial, Customer, Operations and People. To this end, the following services are provided:

Performance Measures Development

Strategic objectives, and a plan for change, within an organisation would be meaningless without appropriate measures and targets to monitor progress. Strategic measures, similar to strategic objectives, need to ‘broken down’ further at each level of the organisation during the cascade process. Therefore, measures and sub-measures would form a ‘measures hierarchy’ throughout the organisation, to which supporting data would need to be identified.

KPI Development

Measures differ from KPIs in that the former are more “strategic”, i.e. a measure can be derived from a number of KPIs. This subtle difference is important to maintain clarity in the cascade. At each level of the cascade, performance templates are devised. These templates contain measures and must not be confused with KPIs used at a more granular level for monitoring day-to-day operations.

Performance Reporting and Analysis

Performance Reporting, using the Balanced Scorecard model, requires appropriate supporting systems, both automated and operational. Automated reporting systems enable (i) links to be more easily established between reporting systems across the organisation and (ii) easier aggregation of data. Operational procedures are necessary to support data gathering for the automation process.


Board Facilitation and Change

Board level review of strategic performance is critical. Board discussions can be facilitated by providing relevant analyses and other information. Working with all senior managers and directors, assistance can be provided to identify issues of strategic priority across the business. Where change to corporate strategy is required, as a result of adverse performance reports, a process for making such change will be implemented.


Comparing business performance models with other companies provides useful insight into best practice within a particular industry.It is possible to compare areas such as: organisational responsiveness to change, speed in implementing change programmes etc, with other organisations. An agreed framework, between all participating companies, would be developed to guide the benchmarking process.