Ad hoc services

Adjunct to strategy implementation and change management services, there are a number of complimentary ad-hoc services. They help ensure a sound basis for engaging Stratex One core services.

Strategy Management Health Check

Many companies choose to manage their strategy implementation using in-house expertise and, on the basis that such expertise are (i) appropriately skilled, (ii) fully dedicated to the programme and (iii) relatively neutral politically, this can be a cost effective option. However, it is anticipated that not all companies using this option will have staff able to meet all three criteria. Therefore, the opportunity to review plans, and the approach being taken, against best practice is offered as a separate service.

Strategy Management Office (SMO)

Strategy implementation is most effective when coordinated centrally. The SMO forms the hub through which strategy implementation is coordinated and managed. It is similar to the Program Management Office through which interrelated projects are managed. Responsibilities of the SMO include managing the corporate, or individual business unit, strategy development, alignment and execution processes, coordinating and managing strategy implementation refinements, resources and plans, liaison and performance reporting to senior managers and the Board, coordinating corporate communications, overseeing and coordinating the delivery of strategic initiatives in addition to other tasks listed in other sections of this website. An appropriate SMO would be established for your organisation, as part of an initial implementation. The SMO should continue to exist and support will be provided in training staff to manage it.