Businesses large or small need to change to adapt to their environments. Being able to react in this way requires nimble and highly efficient operations. Whether you are either focused on major change within your organization or just looking to improve its current operational efficiency and effectiveness, Stratex One Partners offers a range of consulting services, for small, medium and large businesses, that could be tailored to your need.

We specialize in strategy implementation and business performance management. We utilize a unique and holistic approach that recognizes the importance of tangible and intangible business factors to drive change within an organization. Our approach takes into account Financial, Customer, Operational and People business dimensions to ensure an integrated change process.

It is a tried and tested methodology which has proved very successful to many different types of business all over the world. Research shows that 70% of companies that properly develop their corporate strategies still fail to execute them effectively.

Experience shows that the main reasons for strategy execution failure include:

• Poorly articulated and communicated objectives• Lack of senior management champions of change initiatives

• Distractions by business-as-usual operational demands

• Change is effected piecemeal

• Focus is on cost-driven projects, rather than value-driven initiatives

• Minimal focus on the less tangible side of change

• Lack of an adequate performance management framework.

On a day-to-day basis, many firms focus on improving their revenue growth by addressing operational efficiency and effectiveness issues. These generally tend to focus on cost efficiency and process effectiveness. So whether you need support in developing and implementing new strategic objectives, or in rationalizing existing operations, Stratex One Partners offers any or all of the following services, depending on your requirements.

Strategy Implementation
Change Management
Business Performance Management
Operations Management
Systems Consultancy
Ad-hoc Services